Promotion Codes on Tickets – New Opportunities for Your Event Marketing

doo Buchungsprozess mit Promotion Code auf Ticket

Promotion codes on tickets

Promotion codes are an important tool for marketing and advertising your events. In particular when time-limited, discounts can be used to persuade potential attendees to make a purchase. Previously, doo gave you the option of creating promotion codes that granted a percentage or fixed discount on the total booking price.

With the release of promotion codes on tickets, you now have the option of also granting the discount at ticket level: Instead of, for example, a EUR 20 discount on the entire booking, bookers receive a EUR 20 discount on each ticket. This means a total discount of EUR 40 for 2 tickets, EUR 60 for 3 tickets and so on.

Restriction to selected ticket categories

With promotion codes on tickets, you can now limit the discount to individual, selected ticket categories. For example, you have full pass and day pass and only want the discount to apply to the full pass? No problem!

To make it clear to bookers which ticket categories a code applies to, we have adapted the display in the booking process for promotion codes on tickets: They will see the discounted ticket price instead of the total discount. Once the booking has been finalized, the display in the booking portal and on invoices remains the same. For existing codes at booking level, nothing will change in the display.

Promotion codes for manual bookings

With the release, a change for manual registration also comes into force: In order to standardize and simplify the functionality of the doo platform, price adjustments can now applied using promotion codes. This function replaces the previous overwriting of prices.

For greater convenience, you can select from the existing promotion codes directly in the manual registration process or create a new code. Of course, you can deactivate the codes for bookers so that only you can grant the discount internally.

We are aware that this change will mean a change to your usual processes. The decision to implement it anyway was not an easy one for us, as it is not our intention to take anything away from you. Why we have finally decided to go down this path of a standardized process for price adjustments via promotion codes:

  • Eliminating the complexity ensures greater transparency and traceability.
  • Future functional enhancements to promotion codes will be available for both your interal use and the booker experience.
  • Thanks to standardization, there are fewer special cases and less complexity in downstream processes such as invoicing, payment processing and reporting. This facilitates the maintenance and further development of our software.
  • Interfaces and integrations with third-party systems such as ERP or accounting software are also simpler, as fewer cases need to be covered.


The new feature promotion codes on tickets gives you more options and freedom when designing your discounts on ticket prices. In addition to the existing discounts on the total price, you can now grant a discount per selected ticket and limit it to certain ticket categories. We hope you enjoy the feature and look forward to your feedback.

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doo Buchungsprozess mit Promotion Code auf Ticket
Promotion Codes on Tickets - New Opportunities for Your Event Marketing
doo Webinar
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