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Even though many event organizers work with digital attendee management, there are usually quite a few tasks that the event team still has to do manually. With the new doo Automations feature you can automate many of these tasks to have more time for other tasks.

doo automations – this is how it works

The doo Automations feature allows event organizers to automate recurring tasks and processes and connect doo to other tools – without needing help from developers.

Whether it’s promoting your events online, booking accommodations for your attendees, sending out attendee certificates or surveys after the end of the event, forwarding invoices to accounting, or informing internal departments, account managers, or external partners about new registrations – such activities should no longer be done manually these days!

You can access the automation function – after the feature has been enabled by our team – via the corresponding menu item in the left sidebar.

To automate a process, a new scenario must be created. A scenario is a string of different modules, each of which defines which data should be processed and how. By connecting modules from left to right, you can define when or by which action the process should be started and what should happen to which data to ultimately trigger the desired action. A huge range of modules from different software providers, tools and filters are available to you for this purpose. So, depending on the use case, a scenario consists of a combination of doo modules and modules of other tools like Google, Microsoft, social media platforms, chat programs or CRMs.

The scenario below, for example, shows an automation that creates calendar entries in your Google Calendar for each event that was created in doo.

The many benefits of automated event processes

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
    • Tools, teams and trades can be connected and information shared between them through automations, which results in a more effective collaboration and saves time and costs compared to the manual execution
  • Flexibility
    • Workflows can be created completely individually based on internal requirements with your own rules and logics and can be flexibly adapted to changes at any time
    • Simple data and process integration with a huge selection of apps that can be connected to automate a great range of workflows
  • Simple & independent handling
    • No-code: no developers are required – your event team can automate and manage their own processes themselves in a quick and economical way
    • The scenario editor works intuitively via drag & drop
    • doo provides scenario templates that can be easily modified
  • Transparency & Control
    • All connected data and processes of different tools and teams can be clearly visualized and managed
    • All data processing and transfers that have already taken place are stored and can be retraced retrospectively
  • Reliability
    • Manual errors and human forgetfulness can be avoided through automated execution, e.g. to ensure punctual delivery of documents to your attendees
  • Potential for strategic data collection & Marketing
    • Automations enable efficient, personalized marketing along the entire attendee journey

With the automation feature, you can take the efficiency of your event team to a new level. Many of the tasks that previously had to be completed and processed manually can now be automated, allowing team members to focus on what’s really important.

Application examples: What can I automate?

With the doo automation feature, you can access hundreds of apps from a wide range of software providers, connect them to doo and create customized processes. Here are just a few examples of what the new feature can be used for:

  • Emails to doo contacts & participants: automate additional emails to be sent to your contact at a specific time or based on a specific action: e.g. follow-up mailings in case of no response to your invitation, welcome messages to participants directly after check-in, thank you emails after participation in a survey, …
  • Booking management: mass registration of participants based on external lists, automated approval process based on individual participation criteria, process optimization for questions of attendees at the entrance, …
  • Integration of other tools: connect doo with other providers, e.g. to automatically book hotel rooms, catering or conference rooms, create video conference links, integrate your own payment providers into doo or transfer attendee data to your CRM, …
  • Internal communication & reporting: Automated creation and sending of up-to-date reports to any internal and external contacts, automatic transmission of invoicing and payment documents to the accounting department, …
  • Website: Automatic publishing of information about new exhibitors, speakers, etc. on the event website, …
  • Social media marketing: automatically promote new doo events on your social media channels, automatically send a contact request to newly registered attendee (e.g. LinkedIn, Xing, Google Business, Facebook), …
  • Exhibitor service: Transfer exhibitor data to your CRM and to the responsible colleagues for booth planning, automated dispatch of stand offers and access data for the exhibitor store, creation of daily statistics on redeemed vouchers for each exhibitor, …
  • and much more – contact us!

If you are interested in an individual consultation on the possibilities of doo Automations for your current event management, please feel free to contact your doo contact person or

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