Add calendar entries to your event communication

You want to provide calendar entries on your booking page or send them with your email invitation or booking confirmation so that your participants or prospects can save the appointment directly in their calendar? With doo you have several options.

1. Distinction between two types of calendar entries

1.1. iCal file for Outlook, Apple & Co.

For calendars like Apple, Outlook or Yahoo Calendar you need an iCal or ICS file. For sending by email via doo, the link can be generated directly via the doo platform in the respective email settings (see following chapters).

If you need an ICS file for your event for another purpose, e.g. to offer the calendar entry for download on your event website, you can create it using the doo generator for calendar entries at by clicking on the corresponding button at the bottom right and saving the file on your computer.

Important note: In Outlook, attaching an ICS file may cause display problems of images in the email. To display the images correctly, the recipient must save the sender address as a contact.

1.2. Google Calendar Link

To provide calendar entries for Google Calendar, you need a link that allows the recipient to save the appointment with one click. You can create such a link for example with the doo generator for calendar entries at Enter your event data and create the link by clicking on the corresponding button. You can then copy the generated link from the window that opens below and link it, for example, on your event website or also in the email contents of your event (see 2.).


2. Integrate calendar entries into event communication

2.1. Booking emails

2.1.1. Attach iCal file

In the email content settings for your event, you can specify for selected email types that a calendar entry should be attached as an iCal file. For example, you can attach it to the booking confirmation as well as to the event reminder so that your bookers can save your event directly to their Apple, Outlook or Yahoo calendars. To learn how to enable this feature, see section 5. in this article.

The data for the calendar entry such as event name, date, time and location are automatically taken from the event information you entered when creating the event. If you also want to add a description, you can enter it in the corresponding field in the first step of event editing. You can find all information about this in section 6.3. in this article.

2.1.2. Integrate Google Calendar Link

If you also want to offer Google Calendar users the option of saving your event date, you can include a corresponding link in your booking emails. To do this, create a Google Calendar link as described in Section 1.2. and add it to the text via the email content settings for the desired email types. To learn how to customize the text of booking emails, see this article.

2.2. doo email messages / invitations

Users of the doo e-mail manager can send the calendar entries e.g. directly with the invitation e-mail.

In the send settings of an email message, you can specify that an iCal file should be sent as an attachment. Alternatively or additionally, you can also include calendar entries in the body of the email and thus, for example, insert a Google Calendar link as a button or link in the text or add a download button for the iCal file to avoid attachments to the email. For instructions on how to create an email message and what settings you can make, click here.

2.3. Event website

In addition to email communication, you can also integrate calendar entries into your event website so that interested parties and bookers can actively save the date. Whether you use the doo website editor or another CMS, simply create the required files or links using the doo calendar entry generator and integrate them into your site.

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