Revenue Disbursement: Entering and editing invoice address & bank account information

Your bank account and invoice information for the revenue disbursement of your ticket sales can be entered and edited in the event settings of your fee-based events. To make changes to your data, select an ongoing paid event from the overview and go to “Revenue disbursement” in the event settings menu on the right.

If you do not currently have a fee-based event live, you will not be able to view and adjust your data again until you create your next fee-based event.

If you use doo for the payment processing of your ticket sales, your name, address and VAT information will automatically be used for the invoices your bookers receive as well as for the payout documents and transaction fee invoices you receive from doo. Therefore, please be sure to provide the correct information including correct company name.

IMPORTANT: Please check afterwards that the data also correspond to the entries in the organization settings and correct them there if necessary. Otherwise, the changes will not take effect.

Please note that all changes you make in the revenue disbursement settings of an event will automatically apply to all events of the respective doo organization from that point on and will be adopted for all newly created documents!

For a correct invoicing towards you as organizer and user of our platform as well as towards your bookers, doo currently only accepts German VAT IDs and bank account details. If you wish payouts to a foreign account, please contact your doo contact person or our Support Team with your request, so that we can check this internally. How the turnover payout works at doo, you can find out here.

Here you can find all information about the revenue disbursement process for tickets sales that are processed via doo.

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