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After you have gone live with your event, doo automatically creates a standardized event website with a doo URL that you can use to register your attendees if you wish. However, if you have integrated the booking form into your own event website via widget, you can store its URL for your event instead. The standardized doo event site is then no longer visible for your attendees and instead we automatically link to your individual web page. All information about widgets and the doo standard event site can be found here.

The custom event website feature offers you the possibility to make the booking process even more individual and also facilitates the assignment of event websites to the appropriate events and languages.

1. What is the doo standard event website?

The standard event website created by doo allows potential attendees to register directly for your event without having to embed the booking process into another website, and is therefore aimed at event organizers who do not want to or cannot use a doo widget. More information about widgets and integrating doo events into your own website can be found here.

After you have gone live with your event, the contact person of your doo account will receive the link to the doo standard event website via email. Alternatively, you can also find the URL by opening the respective event in your doo Event Manager, clicking on “Event website” and selecting the appropriate language.

The website contains all information about your event and is available in German and English. More information about multilingual events can be found here.



You can include this URL for example as registration link into your email inviation, integrate it as link or button in your website or share it via social media. Your bookers will be redirected to a that contains all event information including the option to sign up.

2. Adding a custom event website link

To add an individual event website to your event and thus replace the standard doo event site, open the event detail page and select “Integrate into website” in the “Actions” menu.


Click on “Edit link” under “General settings”, replace the link to the doo event site with your individual website und click “Save”.


Once you have replaced the doo generated web page, it will no longer be visible for your bookers. If you do decide to use the default event web page created by doo, you can always undo your changes by clicking on the “undo”-symbol that is shown at the end of the link field.


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