What to do in case of problems with credit card payment?

1. Possible reasons, why your credit card payment is not successful

The fact that a credit card payment is not successful can have various reasons – from the settings or validity of the credit card used, through problems with the authentication of the cardholder, to the Internet connection or even the browser settings of the user.

1) 3D-Secure procedure was not completed

Is it possible that you did not complete the 3D-Secure procedure? doo uses this authentication procedure to increase the security of credit card payments. This adds an additional security question to the payment process. After entering the credit card number, a pop-up window opens where a code must be entered that is simultaneously sent to the cell phone number connected to the credit card in order to complete the payment.

Accordingly, this payment method requires that you have not activated a pop-up blocker for your browser. Only after entering the code, the payment is confirmed and the booking is completed. If the 3D-Secure procedure has not yet been activated for your credit card, this must first be done – in which case you will be automatically redirected to your bank. How long it takes to activate this procedure for your credit card varies depending on the credit card issuing bank and may take a few business days if necessary, but it is worth it for you as this method is becoming more and more common for online payments.

So please make sure that you allow pop-up windows in your browser and that you go through the payment process including the insertion of the code until the end. If you do not want to enable the 3D Secure method for your credit card, please choose another available payment method.

2) Credit card does not have sufficient funds

If you want to use credit card as payment method for your booking via doo, please also make sure that the credit card or the associated account has sufficient funds.

2. New payment attempt

After you have checked the above points, please make a new booking, making sure to go through the payment process of the credit card payment including the 3D Secure procedure until the end.

After the successful payment you will see the corresponding message on the screen and you will receive an e-mail with the booking confirmation. If you do not receive an e-mail, please check the points listed here.

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