How to do – Novalnet

1. Log-in

Go to and log in there with your account data.

2. Administration

In the Contract data > Employees tab, you can add additional users to your Novalnet account. You must assign an initial password and provide a username and share this information with your colleagues. The password must then be changed at the first login.

3. Sales and Transactions

Under the tab “Main page”, you will find a current overview of the last settled transactions.

If you are looking for a specific transaction, you can do it in the “Search” tab. First name, last name and email address correspond to the booker’s details from the booking details.

To have a more detailed view of your turnovers, you can view them under the “Statistics” item. The transactions are summarized here by day and payment type. If you click on the summary row, a table with the individual transactions will open below it. Click on a transaction to see the details of the transaction. The values to the “Free Parameters” include the booking number, organization ID, and event ID from doo. You can export the transactions as CSV at any time.

4. The Novalnet CSV-Export

You can export all transactions of a day, month or year as CSV via the “Statistics” tab at any time. For your payouts, you will also receive a CSV with the same structure. In the following we will explain the most important columns for you.

Note in advance: You can open the CSV directly with Excel. However, this has the consequence that umlauts are not correctly represented, since the file is a CSV and no Excel file (XLSX). For a correct display, open a new workbook in Excel. Then go to Data > Get Data > From Text and select the downloaded CSV file. Select Unicode (UFT-8) as the origin and semicolon as the separator and complete the import process.

4.1. Important Columns

TID: This is the Novalnet transaction ID that uniquely identifies each transaction. It is on your bookers’ invoice in case your bookers come to you with questions about payment.
Status: 100 stands for a successful transaction. All other status codes indicate an error, which means that the transaction was not completed.
Payment method
CREDITCARD = Credit card
ONLINE_TRANSFER = Instant online bank transfer
GIROPAY = giropay
INVOICE_START = Open account for purchase on account (Invoice) or prepayment (Prepayment). The selected type can be found in the “Invoice type” column.
INVOICE_CREDIT = Incoming payment for receivable with purchase on invoice or prepayment.
Amount: This is the amount received on your Novalnet account, i.e. the invoice total of the entry (Original Amount column) minus the doo transaction fees retained.
Payout: This is the value you will receive in monthly payouts for this transaction.
Original Amount: This value is the invoice amount of the transaction.
Input value 1: Here you will find the doo booking or invoice number from doo.
Input value 2: Here you will find the doo organization ID.
Input value 3: Here you will find the doo event ID.

4.2. Reconciliation with doo settlement

To reconcile the monthly realized payments that you have made through Novalnet with the doo statements, proceed as follows:

  1. Download the Novalnet CSV export for the desired month.
  2. Filter the Novalnet export by status 100.
  3. Hide the payment type INVOICE_START.
  4. Now you can calculate the desired amounts
    1. Total amount of settled subscriber amounts SUM(original amount).
    2. doo transaction fees gross SUM(original amount) – SUM(amount).
    3. Payouts from Novalnet SUM(Payout) (Note: Payouts do not receive PayPal transactions, see below).
    4. Payments received via PayPal : additionally filter by PayPal and then SUM(original amount) (see also below).

4.3. Notes about PayPal transactions

PayPal works a little bit different than the other payment methods, because the money does not go to your Novalnet account, but directly to your connected PayPal account. The doo transaction fees are also retained by Novalnet with PayPal and paid directly to us. That’s why the Payouts column is negative. The negative amount corresponds to the doo transaction fees for the payment. On your PayPal account you will receive the original amount, which is the full invoice amount. If you want to reconcile Novalnet sales with PayPal, filter all PayPal payments with status 100 and take the total from the Original Amount column.

4.4. Customizing the CSV file

Under Contract Data > Accounts Receivable Management you can customize the CSV file globally for your entire Novalnet account. Here you can define which columns should be included in your export and in which order. The setting applies to both the statistics export and the disbursement export. Here you also have the option to set up an automatic transfer of the data via email, SFTP or API one as CSV, XML or JSON format. Since the files contain personal and payment data, we do not recommend transferring the file as an email.

5. Refunds

Search for the booking in question using the search mask under the “Search” tab , for example with first name, last name or e-mail address. If you do not have any of these or the booking cannot be found with the parameters you know, you can also use the “Statistics” tab to display an overview of the bookings in a particular month or on a particular day.

Select the booking and click on the blue arrow. In the window that appears, you can enter the amount and order the refund.

You can also view the “Transaction Details” and the “Personal Details” of the booker there.


Please note that there is a fee of 5.00 EUR plus 2.9% per refund.

6. Test bookings

Please test only after consulting your doo contact person or our support team, as test bookings are not automatically recognized as such in doo and can therefore lead to inconsistencies in billing.

7. Contact details Novalnet

7.1. Support

Phone: +49 (0)89 – 9230683-21


7.2. Settlements/Payments


7.3. Technology

Phone: +49 (0)89 – 9230683-19


7.4. End-customer support

Phone: +49 (0)89 – 9230683-29


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