How do I make test bookings?

1. Making test bookings

Test bookings are only possible after going live with an event. Depending on what you would like to test, we suggest the following approaches:

1.1. Testing the booking process

To tell how the booking process looks like from your booker’s point of view, go to the Event-Website or click on the Widget, choose a ticket, enter your data and follow along with the booking process. If it’s a fee-based event, please choose (if you use payment processing via doo) “bank transfer” in the final step, since choosing an instant payment method (PayPal, credit card payment etc) would lead to an actual transaction being made.

1.2. Checking booking confirmation and attendee ticket

If you would like to test the booking confirmation email and the attendee tickets, the easiest way would be by manual registration. If you are booking fee-based tickets please choose “direct payment to organizer” in the final step. This will immediately confirm a booking and the booking confirmation including the ticket will be sent to you via email. Further information on how to make a manual registration can be found here.

2. Deleting test bookings

You’re able to cancel test bookings at any time so the spots will be available again. For cancelling bookings simply go to “Booking overview” or click “Manage bookings”. If you’d like to delete a booking completely, please contact our Support Team with the respective booking ID(s). Please be aware that deletion by doo is an irreversible process.


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