E-mail attachments for bookers and attendee

You can send an individual attachment with the automatic emails which your bookers receive as part of their booking. You can use this function, for example, to send your attendees your event program or directions in addition to their tickets.

  1. Open the event details and select “Tickets & Documents” from the event settings menu on the right.
  2. Scroll down to “Email attachment for attendees” and select “Add attachment”
  3. Upload the document that you want to send to the attendees. You can attach a PDF or JPEG file up to a maximum of 2 MB.
  4. Depending on the content, you can choose to which booking emails your document should be attached. You can also activate both options at the same time. For more information about the booking email types, please follow this link.
    1. Booking information
      • The attachment will be sent together with the payment request or payment confirmation for fee-based bookings (email type: payment request and booking confirmations with invoice).
      • For manual chargeable bookings, the attachment will only be sent if you specify during the booking that a payment confirmation should be attached.
      • For free bookings, the attachment is not sent because there is no invoice or payment confirmation. If you want the attachment to be sent with free bookings, check the “Event information” box accordingly (see below).
      • Examples: Booking and cancellation conditions, general terms and conditions, cancellation policy.
      • The attachment is sent with the registration and payment confirmation. The participants will receive it only after they have paid. In addition, it will be attached to the reminder email that participants receive shortly before the event.
      • For free bookings, the attachment is always sent.
      • For manual bookings, the attachment is sent when an email goes out to the attendee, whether with or without payment confirmation.
      • Examples: Directions, program, liability statement, “please bring” list.Information about the event
  5. Click “Save” to confirm your settings. If you activate the checkbox “Save as default” before clicking on Apply, the attachment will be saved as default and applied to all newly created events.
  6. Your attachment will from now on be sent to your bookers with the booking emails you selected
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