Manage bookings and attendees

If you are contacted by a booker who has questions or change requests regarding his booking, open your booking overview: Either the cross-event overview via the menu item “Booking overview” in the left-hand navigation menu, or the event-specific overview which you can access via the respective event detail page via “Manage bookings”.

To find the booking whose data you would like to view or change you can enter the booking or invoice number (TX-…), name or email address of the booker in the search field. Click on the relevant search result to go to the booking details page.

We have compiled an overview of all instructions on the subject of booking management as well as frequent participant questions and the corresponding answers:

1. Manage bookings in doo

  1. Edit attendee data and invoice address
  2. Rebooking: How to change existing bookings
  3. Cancelation & Refund Handling
  4. Bookings with manual approval
  5. Manual registration
  6. Bank transfer: How to deal with pending transactions

2. Answers to frequently asked booker questions

  1. What to do, if someone has not received their confirmation e-mail or ticket ?
  2. What to do when the booking website is not working (explanation for participants)
  3. Which payment methods are available? (explanation for participants)
  4. Mögliche Gründe für Kreditkartenzahlungsprobleme (Erklärung für Teilnehmer)

More answers on frequently asked booker and attendee questions can be found here.

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