Using placeholders in booking email templates

In the course of a booking, various automatic emails are sent to bookers, such as the booking confirmation or the event reminder. The content of the emails can be customized in the event settings (see Edit e-mail content).

You can use placeholders to dynamically define the email content. For example, you want to mention the event name in the text of a booking confirmation, but would like to use that template for various events with different names? In that case you should not enter the actual event name into the template but paste the placeholder %EVENT_NAME% into the text. If the corresponding email is then sent to a booker of Event A, “%EVENT_NAME%” will be replaced by “Event A”, if someone books Event B, the respective other name will show up in his booking confirmation. You can use placeholders both in the subject and in the text. To enter them, either use the placeholder menu in the toolbar or enter the placeholders listed below directly.

1. Booking specific placeholders

The data is entered by the booker during registration.

%SALUTATION%    Salutation (Mr/Mrs)
%TITLE%    Title such as Dr. or Prof.
%FIRST_NAME%    First name
%LAST_NAME%    Last name

2. Event specific placeholders

You can define the data in the first step of event creation or change it under “Event information” on the event details page. The exception is the event ID, which is assigned automatically and cannot be customized.

%EVENT_EMAIL_ADDRESS% Organizer E-Mail address
%EVENT_END_DATE% Event end date EN: 5 May 2017 / DE: 05. Mai 2017
%EVENT_END_TIME% Event end time 17:00
%EVENT_CONTACT% Event contact person
%EVENT_SHORT_DESCRIPTION% Event short description
%EVENT_VENUE_NAME% Event venue name
%EVENT_START_DATE% Event start date EN: 5 May 2017 / DE: 05. Mai 2017
%EVENT_START_TIME% Event start time 17:00
%EVENT_PHONE_NUMBER% Organizer telephone
%EVENT_ADDRESS% Event address
%EVENT_NAME% Event name


Event place/city

Link for virtual event

3. Event reminder example

Email text in the template:


on %EVENT_START_DATE% at %EVENT_START_TIME% the event %EVENT_NAME% will start.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Text in the e-mail to the booker

Hello Mrs. Müller,

on March 09, 2018 at 6:00 pm the event networking evening will start.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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