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The doo Terms of Use and doo’s Privacy Policy are automatically incorporated into the booking process for your event, so your bookers must agree to them when they want to register. The doo sample texts represent a non-binding formulation proposal and are not to be understood as legal advice in individual cases. doo cannot guarantee that the standard documents are always suitable for every event and for every application of the doo platform and does not assume any liability for the legal conformity of the standard documents. For sound legal advice in specific individual cases, please contact your lawyer.

You can then replace or supplement the doo sample texts with a few clicks with your own booking conditions / general terms and conditions or data protection information.

1. Setting up your own booking conditions

To define your own booking conditions, please open the event details and select “Bookings” from the “Event settings” menu on the right.

If you click on “Terms & conditions: 2 terms provided for event” in the section “Your booking terms & conditions” you can see our standard sample texts. If you activate the checkbox “Custom terms & conditions” you can choose between three options:

  • Specify link to terms & conditions
  • Upload PDF document
  • Enter text

Specify whether you want the doo Standard Terms of Use and the doo Privacy Policy to be displayed in your booking process. If you unselect them and only want to display your own terms instead, please make sure that your own terms cover all relevant points of the doo terms and conditions and do not contradict them.

You have the option of linking either an external link, a PDF document or a text field. Under “Name” you can specify which text should be linked, e.g. “Privacy Policy”. If you decide to link to existing pages with booking conditions or data protection declarations, you can also enter several links and give each an individual name.

After selecting the desired option and entering the desired conditions, please confirm the changes by clicking “Save”.

2. Where can I find the booking conditions?

As soon as you have provided an event with your own booking conditions and pusblished it, they will be integrated into the booking process and the bookers will have to agree to them if they want to register.

To view your new booking conditions “live”, go back to the event details and click on “Event website”. You can now select any ticket of your booking form and follow the process. In the last step you will see a checkbox “I accept the following terms:” above the “Book now” button, under which your stored conditions will be linked. The booker can open and read through the conditions by clicking on the corresponding links before agreeing to them by ticking the checkbox and completing his booking.

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