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You have the option to offer your bookers and attendees products in addition to your tickets. Possible use cases include optional additional services for your event such as catering, VIP packages, mailing of tickets, subordinate side events such as workshops with limited capacities, or optional evening events of trade shows or congresses.

Unlike ticket categories, products are not offered directly during the ticket selection in the booking process, but in the subsequent step in the billing/registration or attendee information and can be added by ticking a checkbox. To offer chargeable products, a chargeable event must be created.

1. Creating products

You can create products in step 3 of the event creation (“Attendee details”). All information about this step and how to navigate there can be found in this article.

Products can be added in the sections “Attendee details” or “Booking details” respectively: Products under “Attendee details” can be added once for each registered attendee, i.e. once per booked ticket, while products in the “Booking details” section can be added once per booking.

When creating a new product, you can specify a name, a short description, the capacity, and – for fee-based events – a price.

Under “More options”, you can make the following settings:

  • Display the number of available tickets as a countdown: The number of products still available is displayed to the bookers in the booking form.
  • Hide when booked up: The product will be completely removed from the invoice form as soon as it is no longer available.
  • Display product on ticket: Products that were added on booking level will be displayed on all tickets of the same booking – products booked on attendee level will only show up on the ticket of the corresponding attendee. Please note that this setting only refers to the doo standard tickets: As soon as an individual ticket design has been stored for your event, the settings you provided to our team as part of the ticket requests will apply. You can find all information about individual ticket designs here.
  • Product preselected: The product is preselected in the booking form, bookers can remove the preselected selection when booking.
  • Product selection is required if available: The product is preselected in the booking form, bookers cannot remove the preselected selection when booking.
  • Show product only for selected ticket category: The product can only be selected when certain ticket categories have been selected – this feature is only available for Enterprise users.

After you have created your product, you can change the order of custom question and products by dragging and dropping, as described in this article.

Once an event has gone live, products can no longer be deleted for documentation reasons. However, you can reduce the capacity to 0 or rather to the number of products that were already booked and tick “Hide when booked up” under  “More options”. This means that the product will no longer be displayed in the booking process and can no longer be booked.

2. Create product groups

The created products can also be grouped into product groups to provide the booker with a better structure in the booking process and to control the number of selected products within a group, e.g. grouping workshops that will take place at the same time and only allow bookers to select one per group.

When creating a new group you can define how many products a booker must or can select. You can also decide whether the individual product groups can be expanded and collapsed, which offers the booker a clearer booking in case you offer many different products.

After you have created a product group, you can either drag and drop an already created product into the product group or create a new product directly in the group by clicking on the dropdown icon on the right and then on “Create new product” at the bottom.

Please note that a product group that contains products cannot be deleted. To delete a product group, all products must first be either deleted (no longer possible after an event has gone live) or placed outside the product group using drag & drop. After that, a recycle bin icon for deleting the group appears in the upper left corner.

3. Current overview of booked products

You can view the current status of your product bookings and remaining capacities at any time in your event details by selecting your event from the overview.

You can find out which products were purchased by which booker via the booking details of the respective booking as well as from the booking overview or the attendee list: products that were created in the “Booking details” section appear in the booking overview of the event – products that were created under “Attendee data” can be found accordingly in the attendee list. You can find out where to find and download these lists here.

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