Event Templates: Creating templates for your events

Creating an event in doo can, depending on the event’s complexity, take up quite a while. Especially double checking certain, important settings, like data privacy regulations can get tough. Using event templates can save you a lot of time and help avoid mistakes.

1 What is an event template?

You can use the feature event templates to create templates for your events, which will get set in your doo account. Like this you can easily create templates for certain types of events (webinars, trainings, etc.) or make using certain fields a requirement in all your events.

Should you, for example, need to use very specific data privacy settings, that can’t miss and also shouldn’t be changed, you can make this field a fixture. Another example are fields, which are needed for use in your CRM-integration, which can be made un-deletable.

Deciding which of your templates you want to use, is as easy as clicking on the “New event” button and choosing from a dropdown menu.



1.1 How can a template be created?

To get a template to be created, please contact our doo support team. They will discuss your template’s settings with you and afterwards include it in your account.

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