In step 2 of the event creation “Tickets” you can define all VAT related details for your event. All information about this step and how to navigate there can be found in this article.

You have the option to show a separate VAT rate for each ticket category. The VAT rates of the booked categories will be listed in the booker invoices with indication of your VAT ID. After you have specified the individual VAT rates when creating your ticket categories, you still need to store the general VAT information for your event. To do this, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Add details” under “VAT information”.

Now you can define the event type:

  • Private event: in this case only a VAT rate of 0% can be deposited
  • Subject to VAT: in this case, for example, 7% or 19% can be deposited for your ticket categories – 0% is not possible
  • Exempt from VAT: in this case, categories with 0% as well as categories with, for example, 7% or 19% can be created. When selecting this event type, you will automatically be asked for an exemption reason, which must be printed on your bookers’ invoices for legal reasons.

In case of VAT liability or exemption, a VAT ID number (VAT ID) must be stored in the revenue disbursement settings or your event. You can find all information here. The specification of the ID is necessary for correct invoicing, therefore an event can only go live after it has been provided. If you do not have a VAT number, you can alternatively enter your tax number.