Payout documents & revenue disbursement of your ticket sales

1. Time and frequency of the revenue disbursement

The ticket sales revenue is paid out to you during the duration of the following month for the previous month. The payout is credited to the bank account provided in the settings of your fee-based events under Revenue disbursement.

If you would like to receive the payout of your ticket sales more frequently, please contact your doo contact person or our Support Team for an individual offer.

2. Composition of the payout amount

Unless otherwise agreed upon with us, the monthly payouts are calculated as follows:

  1. Ongoing events: 70% of all bookings that were paid in the previous month are transfered to your bank account. The remaining 30% will be added to your doo deposit and will be paid out after the event ended.
  2. Completed events: If events were closed (or cancelled) during the previous month, you will not only receive the revenue of the new bookings that were paid in the previous month but also the deposit that was accumulated during the whole sales period. Eventual transaction fees will be deducted from this final payout (see 3.2.).

3. Payout documents

Together with the monthly payout, the contact person of the organization account receives an email with the corresponding payout documents. If you would like to see or edit the current contact person, please follow this link.

Please note that the payout documents are currently only available in German – there’s no English version yet.

The invoice address that is shown on the documents as well as your bank information for the payout are based on the information you provided in the settings of your paid events. For more information about where you can find and edit these data, please follow this link.

Please note: Only bookings that are relevant for your payout (because their payments were processed via doo) are considered in these documents. As a consequence free bookings, bookings with pending bank transfer and manual registrations with own payment processing are not included. If you need a complete overview of all bookings for an event – regardless of the payment status and method – you can download your booking overview from your event detail page at any time.

3.1 Payout document

The payout document gives you an overview of the events in the accounting period, the sales that were made via doo, the calculation of the payout amount for the previous month and the current status of your balance.


Below you will find more details about the sections: 

  1. Veranstaltungen (Events): The event overview shows the number of current, completed and cancelled events that were live in the previous month.
  2. Umsatz (Revenue): Here you can see the revenue of the bookings that were paid via doo payment processing in the accounting period. Unless otherwise agreed upon with doo, 70% of the monthly revenue is directly paid out in the following month. 30% will be added to you doo deposit until the event is over.
  3. Guthaben (Balance): Here you can see your current doo balance. It consists of the balance of the previous payout period, plus the new balance amount added for the previous month (30% of the ticket revenue) and minus eventual balance payouts for events that were completed in the previous month.
  4. Auszahlung (Payout): This section shows the composition of the payout amount of the respective month. If a fee-based event ended during the accounting period, you will not only receive the revenue of the ticket sales of the past month, but also the balance that was retained during the sales period, minus eventual doo transaction fees.

On the following pages, you will also receive a detailed overview of all events that will be included in this month’s payout and credit.

3.2 Invoice

In addition to the payout document you will receive an invoice for eventual doo transaction fees in case an event has ended during the accounting period. The amount of the fees depends on your doo package or rather the contract conditions agreed on with us. If you have any questions regarding your current conditions, please contact your doo contact person or our Support Team

Transaction fees are calculated on the basis of the total event volume, which corresponds to the sum of paid bookings according to the collective document.

3.3 Special cases: Subsequent payments

If a booker who selected bank transfer as payment method pays for his pending booking only after the final payout of the event has been settled, the amount will be added to your next regular payout with the reference “Nachträglicher Zahlungseingang” (Subsequent receipt of payment). For more information on how to deal with unpaid bookings, please follow this link.

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