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As an organizer, you have the option to resend the last booking email sent to a booker at any time. This may be required, for example, if a booker can no longer find the email in his mailbox and contacts you about it, or if you had to adjust invoice data or change attendee data and want to send the updated invoice or tickets to the booker.

If necessary, also read the articles “Change of attendee data and billing address” as well as “What to do if someone has not received their confirmation email or ticket?

To resend a booking e-mail, call as described in this article described the corresponding booking details page, click “Actions” and select “Resend email booking confirmation” or “Resend email payment request”.

Which email the booker receives depends on the status of the respective booking – the “most recent” e-mail is always sent, i.e. the message that the booker received last:

  1. Paid bookings: For paid bookings, you can resend the confirmation email to which the tickets are attached depending on the settings. If the payment was processed via doo “Paypal / credit card / direct debit”, the payment confirmation is also attached as a PDF. For bookings that were paid to doo via bank transfer, no invoice will be attached to the confirmation email, as it was already sent with the payment request.
  2. Bookings with outstanding payment: For bookings with the doo payment method “purchase on account”, which have not yet been paid, the payment request will be sent again with the details of the transfer as well as the invoice as a PDF attached.
  3. Manual bookings: For manual bookings with their own payment processing, the booking confirmation is sent again. An invoice will only be sent if it was generated during the booking. If no invoice has been generated so far, you can do this if you wish via “Create invoice”. Tickets will be sent automatically according to the settings of the event. Further information on manual registration can be found here.
  4. Released booking with pending payment: If a booking with manual release has been released by you, but the booker has not yet reacted to the release and completed the booking, you can send him this request email again.
  5. Free bookings: The confirmation e-mail will be sent, to which – according to the settings of the event – tickets will be attached if necessary

An overview of all email types and how you can customize the content can be found at here.

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