How to adjust invoice contents

Pro and enterprise customers who use payment option that includes invoicing via doo have the possibility to adjust the content of the invoices that doo generates for their bookers. Depending on the selected payment method the invoice is sent as payment request (e.g. doo payment method: Bank transfer) or as payment receipt (e.g. doo payment method PayPal).

You can individually adjust the booker invoice for each event, create templates for future events as well as define one of your templates as standard for your doo account. To do so, please open the event details and click on “Invoice contents” in the Event Settings menu on the right.

1. Select Template

First of all, select the template you would like to change by clicking on the template dropdown menu.

1.1. doo basic template

As long as event specific settings were saved and no own template was defined as standard for your account, the doo standard template (“doo Basisvorlage”) is used for newly created events.

1.2. Event specific settings

If you select event specific settings (“Veranstaltungsspezifische Einstellungen”) you can make changes to the invoice contents which will only apply for the select event.

1.3. Create new invoice template

If you would like to use the settings you are going to apply for this invoice also for other events, you can save it as template. The template will then appear in the invoice template selection of all your events and can be used for all of them.

After having selected this option, please enter a name for your template. You have the option to “Prefill with current contents” if you would like to apply eventual changes you already made. If you don’t use this option the contents of the current standard template will be prefilled. In both cases you can adjust the settings of your invoice as you wish and save them. Changes of templates automatically apply for all events which use the respective template.

If you select “Save as default” for a template, it will automatically be preselected when a new event is created – as long as it was not created by copying an existing event with different invoice settings. In the template dropdown the default template is marked by “(default)”.

2. Language

The selection below allows you to choose whether you would like to change the German or the English version of the invoice. By default the German version is preselected. If you intend to offer your bookers a German and an English booking process you should adjust the settings in both languages separately.

3. Edit invoice contents

After you have selected that you would like to make event specific changes or create a new template, you can click on “Edit invoice contents” to make the desired changes.

  • Upload your logo which will be displayed in the top right corner of the invoice
  • Define whether or not the event name should be shown in the header of the invoice
  • Select a highlight color which will be used for titles and the subject line
  • Add an additional text that will be displayed on all invoices below the invoice items

After you made the required changes you can confirm them by clicking on “Save invoice contents”.

4. Preview

All changes that were saved will directly be displayed in the preview below. You can also send yourself an example invoice via email if you go to the email contents settings and send yourself a sample of the email type “Request for payment with invoice”. For further information about email contents please follow this link.

If you need more complex changes that are not feasible via these settings, please contact your doo contact person or our Support Team with your requirements and ask for an individual offer for a customized invoice.

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