Monitoring incoming bookings

Your event is live and the first bookings come in. In this article you’ll find information on how you can monitor the incoming bookings and on how to download overview lists.

1. Cross-event booking overview

By clicking on “Booking overview” in the main menu on the left, you can access a cross-event booking overview, which you can filter as you like using the event filter, the search field or other search options.

2. Overviews on event detail page

If you open a specific event in your doo event manager, you can view the current status of registrations on the event detail page, access further overviews and even export lists as excel files if desired.

  • The graphic illustrates how many tickets have already been booked.

  • Under “Attendees” you can view the number of successfully registered attendees. By clicking on “Manage attendees” you can call up the attendee overview, e.g. to view the list of names, go to the associated bookings, check in an attendee or create certificates.

  • Under “Bookings” you can see the number of all bookings received so far. By clicking on “Manage bookings” you can display the list of all bookings, e.g. to view the data of individual bookings and change them if necessary, to export the current booking list as Excel file or to download all booker invoices.

  • In the case of a fee-based event, you can see the total revenue invoiced for your event here.

  • If you have created an invitation list for your event to track the reactions of specific contacts in relation to your invitation, you can view it here.

  • If you have activated a waiting list for your event, you will see the number of booked waiting list places in the overview.

  • In the ticket category overview, you can see the booking status per ticket category. If not all categories are displayed, you can expand the overview by clicking on “Show all”.

  • Below the ticket category overview, you can view the booking status of products if any products have been created for the event.

3. Receive email notifications about incoming bookings

Additionally to the online booking overview, it is also possible for the contact person of the doo organization to receive automatic notifications about new incoming bookings by email. He will then automatically receive a copy of each booking confirmation email, that is sent to your bookers. If you would like to use this free service for your doo account, please contact your doo counterpart or our Support Team.

In addition to these notification emails, you will automatically be notified when your event is sold out (this feature only works for events with a minimum capacity of 10 attendees.

4. Managing bookings and attendees

You can find all information on how to properly manage bookings and attendees here.

5. Subesequently edit ticket categories and capacities

Click here to find out how you can make changes to ticket categories and capacities, or end the booking period of an event that was already published.

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