Change of attendee data and invoice address

As an organizer, you have the option to adjust booking and billing data and resend the confirmation email at any time. This is relevant, for example, if

  • the invoice address is to be adjusted
  • the email address of an attendee or booker changes or was entered incorrectly
  • ticket is to be transferred to another person
  • the answer to an attendee’s question is to be adjusted

If one of your bookers not only wants to change data but also the ticket or product selection, please read our article on rebooking attendees.

1. Editing booking data

  1. Go to the booking overview – either via the menu item “Booking overview” in the left navigation menu or via “Manage bookings” on the detail page of the respective event.
  2. Find the booking whose data you would like to change by entering the booking or invoice number (TX-…), the name or the email address of the booker into the search field.
  3. Go to the booking details page by clicking on the respective booking in the search results.
  4. You will now see the attendee data of the booking and can view and change them by clicking on the pencil icon.
  5. If you do not want to change the attendee data but the booker data, e.g. to send the confirmation email to a different address, switch to the “Booker” tab and click on the pencil icon there.
  6. You can change the attendee and booker data as you wish in the form that opens.
  7. At the bottom of the page, you can use the checkbox “Update the linked contact with the changes of existing values” to decide whether or not the contact that is linked to the booking should be updated accordingly in your contact center. For more information on the topic, see the articles “Contacts: Introduction and Topic Overview” and “Datamatching & Synchronization of booking data and doo contact“.
  8. Click on “Save” to confirm your changes.
  9. If required you can now send out the updated documents to the booker via the button “Actions”. More information about this can be found in this article.
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