Contact management: How to build up clean recipients list

According to the doo email policy, only current contacts whose email addresses have been successfully contacted in the last two months may be written to via the email manager. This is to prevent high bounce rates (proportion of undeliverable emails) that could seriously jeopardize the operation of our platform.

Please import only current recipient lists into doo which have been cleaned of bounces. These will be marked as inactive contacts in doo and will only be converted into active contacts after successful sending of a doo email message. If a contact is not contacted via doo for 60 days, the status changes to “inactive”. You can find out more about bounce management here.

For new users of the email manager, the maximum number of recipients who can be contacted for the first time with a doo email message is initially 100 inactive contacts per message. If you want to send messages to a larger number of recipients, please start with a correspondingly small contact group. Once you have been able to prove the quality of your contacts by successfully sending them to smaller distribution lists, this number can be increased step by step – provided that all imported contacts are just as up-to-date and cleaned up.

Please prepare your contacts for the first dispatch with doo according to the following instructions:

1. Check the timeliness of your recipient lists

a) The contacts have been successfully written to in the last two months

If you have only recently written to the contacts, e.g. as part of a newsletter mailing, clean the list of any bounces that may have occurred in previous mailings.

b) The contacts haven’t been written to for the last two months

Have your list checked for up-to-dateness by an external service provider such as Neverbounce and remove the reported bounces from your list.

2. Build up a “starter”-recipient list with 100 contacts

Create an Excel list of 100 email addresses from the cleaned contacts and save it as a CSV file. Save the remaining contacts separately to import them into doo at a later time. Import the recipient list with the 100 contacts into doo. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this here.

3. Sending the message and checking the bounce rate

You can then start sending your message to the new contact group. After you have sent the email message and the bounce rate is still below 5% in the performance report two hours after sending, you can either continue with another 100 contact groups or contact our Support Team and request an increase of your limit. After your request has been checked by doo, your limit may be increased to 1000 contacts.

If your limit has been increased, you can import a correspondingly larger contact group into doo, copy your sent email message and send it to the recipient list. If the bounce rate of 5% is not exceeded, your limit can be further increased on request.

If the bounce rate of a shipment exceeds 5%, we reserve the right to reduce your shipping limit for security reasons. In this case, you should check that your contact is up to date (see point 1 b)), clean up the lists and then start again with smaller recipient groups.

4. Keep your contacts active

There is no limit for sending to active contacts at doo. Contacts who have been successfully contacted with a doo email message within the last 60 days are considered active. After the period the status changes automatically to “inactive”. We therefore recommend that you write to your contacts regularly via doo – this way you can keep your lists up to date and at the same time avoid your message sending being restricted by the recipient limit for inactive contacts.

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