The attendee overview

The attendee overview provides you with an overview of your attendees. For example, you can search for attendees, check them in, add them to contact groups, create documents, or export the data.

To access the attendee overview, go to “Manage attendees” in the event details or select the menu item “View attendees” of the corresponding event in the event overview.

1. The attendee overview

The attendee overview is divided into two sections. At the top of the page you will see a summary of the number of attendees, broken down by status and ticket category. In the second block you will find the list of all registered participants, regardless of their status. Here you can perform various actions.


Important: If you have not asked for attendee data during the booking process, the fields “Name” and “Organisation” in the overview will remain empty (and will not be filled in using the booker data). In most cases the attendee data is more relevant for the planning and the evaluation of an event than the booking data. We therefore recommend that, in addition to the mandatory details at the booker level (which are necessary for sending the booking confirmation and/or invoice), you also request at least the name and email address at the attendee level (per booked ticket). All information about booker and attendee questions can be found here.

1.1. Filtering the attendee overview

Using the quick filters, you can filter your attendees by status or booked ticket category, or search by first name, last name, organization, email address, or ticket hash in the free text search field.

If you want to filter your list more precisely, you have the option to search for specific attendee or booking data under “Additional search options”.

Multiple filters are linked with the “and” operator, which means you will only see results that match all selected filters. For example, using the filters you can display the following attendees

  • All attendees from a specific country
  • All attendees who have booked a specific product
  • All attendees who belong to a specific booking number
  • All attendees whose booking is not yet paid and who have booked before a specific date


1.2. Documenting attendance with the check-in funktion

In the penultimate column, “Check-in”, you can check in attendees or undo the check-in. This allows you to record the attendance of your attendees on site using the attendee overview. The check-in is only available for valid tickets for which the booking has been completed.

Alternatively, you can work with the doo Standard Check-in solution, where you can scan the QR codes on the tickets with any scanning app and check people in on-site this way. All information about the doo standard check-in solution can be found here. If an attendee does not have their ticket, you can pick them out from the overview based on their name or email address and check them in.

No matter how you check in the attendee, in all cases the time of check-in will be saved. Please note that when scanning QR codes, the attendee overview is not automatically updated. To see the current status, reload the page using the browser option.

If you undo the check-in, the check-in including the timestamp will be deleted. The attendee can be checked in again.

1.3. Options for managing your attendees

Via the three dots in the last column of each line, you will find different options for managing your attendees:

1.3.1. Open booking details

Open the associated booking, for example to view or edit the complete attendee details on the booking details page. For instructions on how to edit attendee details, click here.

1.3.2. Open associated contacts

If the attendee is connected to a contact in the contact center, you can call up this contact, for example to view the complete contact details and activities such as previous attendances or sent email messages.

1.3.3. Download ticket

Download the PDF ticket of the attendee .

1.3.4. Download custom document

If a custom document such as a certificate has been generated for the attendee, you can download it here for a specific attendee. At the top of the page you have the additional option to download all generated documents for the event as a ZIP file. All information about custom documents are collected in this article.

1.3.5. Change associated contacts

If an attendee has not yet been assigned to the correct contact, for example because they entered a different email address in the booking, you can change the linkage by using this options: In the pop-up that opens once you click the option, you can use the search function to find the contact that you want to assign to the attendee and confirm the assignment.

1.3.6. Opening the check-in confirmation page

If you have ordered a custom check-in confirmation page from doo, for examplte to use it for printing your name badge on-site, you can also access it via the attendee overview.

1.4. Bulk actions

To perform an action for multiple attendees at the same time, select the respective checkboxes in the first column of the list.

The following options are available as bulk actions:

  • Check-in (if the attendee status is completed).
  • Add to a contact group
  • Remove from a contact group
  • Create documents (if you have configured custom documents for the event)
  • Delete documents (if you want to delete already created custom documents)

2. Add attendees 

You can manually register additional attendees yourself by clicking on the “Add attendee” link at the top right of the page. All information on manual registration can be found here.

3. Download the attendee list

You can download your current attendee list as a CSV or Excel file at any time by clicking on the “Export attendees” link. If you have filtered the overview , only the data from the filtered view will be exported.

More details on what the attendee list looks like and how it differs from the booking overview can be found here.

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