Ticket design: How to get your ticket in the desired design

If a custom ticket design is included in your doo package or you have ordered it separately, we need a template from you so that we can create the ticket for your doo account.

1. Ticket format and layout

Our tickets are intended for the normal DIN A4 format and will be sent to the booker as a PDF e-mail attachment in portrait format.

You can design the ticket as you like, but note to leave enough space for the QR-code as well as the attendee and event information. A lot of organizers use e.g the quarter at the bottom right side for the attendee data, so that the folded ticket can be also used as a name tag.


2. Decide which data should be displayed

If you send us your design template, please tell us which data of the attendee and, if applicable, the respective event should be displayed on the ticket so that we can enter the corresponding place holders.

2.1. Attendee data 

In order to personalize each ticket for the corresponding attendee, you should at least query the name on attendee level in the booking process. If you query additional data such as title and organization, it can also be printed on the ticket. Additionally you can choose, if also the name of the booked ticket category and if applicable additional products should be displayed on the ticket.

2.2. Event information 

For licensing customers with regularly events: If you want to use the ticket design for more than one event, we can enter place holders for event specific data such as event title, date and place. You can reuse this general ticket template as often as you like.

For Extra costumers with just one upcoming event: If you want to use the ticket design for just one event, you can directly print the event related data and information on the desired ticket design and only let the attendee data and the QR-code filled in with the doo placeholders.

Please create two versions of the ticket: One without the attendee data (and in case of a unique, reusable template also without event data), which we can use as a background for our template  and one with example data of an attendee (and an event), so that we can see where and how we should insert the corresponding place holders.

Furthermore tell us about the color code (Hex-code), in case placeholders should be printed on in a specific font color.

3. By doo created ticket designs

Please send your ticket design in a DIN-A4 format and as a PNG file to your Product Consultant or to the doo Support Team and tell us for which event ID(s) the ticket should be adjusted. 

The adjustment of the ticket for your doo account can take up to a few business days. You will be notified when the creation is completed. In order to see the finished ticket, you can do a test booking through the manual registration with a direct payment to organizer. You will receive your test ticket via e-mail or you can download it from the booking detail page. 

4. Reuse ticket design  

If you chose an overall event ticket design, you just need to copy one of the events for which the template is already adjusted, in order to take on the ticket design for the new created event.

If you need an additional template, please contact your doo contact person or the Support Team for an offer.

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