How to create a booking process in english

doo offers by default an English version of the booking process so that you can easily address international attendees with your events. Enterprise users can add further languages if required.

By the way: also the user interface of the doo event manager for organizers can be switched to English in the account settings.

1. What does the english booking process include?

The English booking process includes:

  • Booking website
    • Event website
    • Widgets
  • Booker communication
    • Emails to bookers or attendees
    • Invoices
    • Tickets

2. What to consider when creating an English event?

The manually entered content for your event such as name, description etc. will not be automatically translated into English.

Enterprise users use the “Languages” function to translate the individually entered data into English. All information about this can be found here.

2.1 English-only events

If you want to publish your event in English only, you can directly enter all information in English during the event creation. This includes all event information such as name and description, all ticket names and descriptions, and any additional booker or attendee questions you may have created. The predefined standard questions such as name and address will be translated automatically.

2.2. Bilingual events without “Languages” function

If the “Languages” function is not available for you because you are a Basic or Pro user, you have two options:

1) You create a bilingual event, i.e. you enter the name, description, etc. in both languages behind or below each other in the corresponding field.

2) You create two separate events, one in German and one in English, and provide your German and English-speaking bookers with the corresponding link to the event page respectively embed the widget in two different places on your website.

2.3. Further settings

In the settings of the event, you can store your own texts for the German and English booking mails as well as make adjustments to the respective invoice contents. If no individual changes are made, the doo standard texts in English will be used for bookers who used the English booking process.

3. How to create an English booking process?

doo offers both an English version of the event website and all widgets in English. The decision about whether the communication with the booker runs in English is decided by the language of the booking interface. So if an attendee books via an English event page or widget, the following communication including invoice and tickets will automatically be in English.

3.1. Using the English doo standard event website

How to access the English doo standard event site, which doo automatically creates for each event, is explained in this article.

You can also easily switch from the German URL to the English version by manually editing the URL of your doo event website in the following way (using your own event ID):

DE: –> EN:

3.2. Creating an English widget

To use an English widget, select “English” as the language for the widget in the settings. Detailed instructions on how to create and integrate widgets into your own website can be found here.


If you have any questions about multilingual booking processes or international payment processing, please contact our Support Team.

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