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Since mid-May 2022, organizers of paid events in doo have the option to individually name the payment methods of their bookers, to add new payment methods on request and to combine several methods. In this article, you will learn exactly what options are available and where you can view and change your settings.

The payment options available to your bookers when registering through doo depend on the settings you agreed upon when initially setting up your doo account. However, additional payment options can be added at a later date upon agreement.

doo offers the following payment options:

1. doo PayPal & doo Bank Transfer

The booker will be shown the two options “bank transfer / purchase on account” and “Paypal / credit card / direct debit”. Card payments are also made via PayPal – however, the booker does not need his own PayPal account for this.

The invoicing to the booker is done by doo. The turnover will be collected on the PayPal or bank account of doo and will be forwarded to you regularly with the corresponding payout documents by doo.

2. Processing via Novalnet

Transactions are processed through the payment service provider Novalnet, which offers a wide range of payment methods: Credit card, SEPA direct debit, PayPal, Sofort online transfer, Giropay, purchase on account as well as prepayment.

The invoicing to the booker is done by doo. Novalnet collects the corresponding payments and forwards them to you.

In order to be able to use this payment option, a service contract with Novalnet has to be concluded and a rather extensive check has to be passed beforehand. You can find more information about the process here.

3. Own PayPal processing

If you have your own PayPal merchant account, it is possible to set it up for your doo account. The setup has to be done once by doo. Your bookers can then pay the invoice amount directly to your PayPal account in the booking process.

The invoicing towards the booker is done by doo.

4. Own payment processing

If your accounting department handles the payment processing itself or if you want to integrate an external payment provider into doo, additional payment options can be set up for your doo account upon request. Invoicing towards the booker can still be done optionally via doo.

With your own payment processing function you can also decide which payment status incoming bookings should get: should they be marked as active and paid directly in doo (without explicit payment confirmation), e.g. because the tickets should be sent directly after registration and your accounting department trusts that the invoices will be paid afterwards? Or should you wait for an explicit payment confirmation, e.g. by manual confirmation by you after receipt of payment on your account or automatically after notification of a successful payment by an integrated payment service provider.

If you are interested in individual payment options or your own payment processing, please contact your doo contact person or the Support team.

How to manage the payment options of your doo account and how to select them for individual events can be found here.

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