Email inbox: How to manage email requests from your participants within doo

Using the email inbox, you can collect, manage and respond to responses to sent emails within doo on an event-by-event basis. doo provides you with a dedicated email address for your events that can be accessed by all users in your organization. Unlike the email messages feature, the mailbox is not used to send invitations or information to a group of contacts, but it allows you to communicate individually with your attendees in case they have any queries.

1. Create a mailbox

The doo email inbox is an optional feature that can be activated for your doo account for a monthly fee. You will receive your own email address in the format, which will be connected to your mailbox. In principle, it is also possible to use e-mail addresses with your own domain.

Via the mailbox all members of your organization within doo have access to the e-mails sent to or from the address. This makes it easier for you to handle requests regarding events as a team.

If you are interested in an individual offer, please contact your doo counterpart or our Support Team at any time.

2. Structure of the mailbox

2.1 Inbox

You can access your email inbox via the respective item in the left main menu.

In your inbox, all emails from attendees responding to booking emails or email messages sent via doo are displayed, as well as emails to the event contact. These are automatically sorted by the corresponding event IDs. To see all emails for an event, click on the respective event ID in the left column.

Tip: In the event overview you can find the event IDs of your events. To do so, click on “Events” in the main menu.

Important: In order for the email to arrive in your mailbox, the email address must also be stored for the event. If you already have running events when you activate the function, you may have to adjust the settings of this event (see 3.).

2.1 Responding to emails

To respond to an email, click on the respective message.

Using the arrows in the upper right part of the message, you can reply only to the sender or to all people (including those in the CC), as well as forward the message. In these options you can attach attachments, set the urgency and sensitivity of your reply, request a read receipt or format your text.

If you need to respond quickly to a message, you can use the “Quick Reply to All” field at the bottom of the message. Click “Save” to prepare your response for later and save it in Drafts.

To write a new email, click on “New Message” in the top left corner. Since this message is not associated with any event, replies will arrive in the inbox and will not be automatically assigned to an event folder. However, you can manually move the reply to the appropriate event folder by clicking the second icon from the left above the message preview or by dragging and dropping.

3. Linking an event to the mailbox

3.1 Collecting requests to the event contact in the mailbox

In order for replies to booking emails as well as requests from attendees to the event contact to be displayed in your inbox, the event must be linked to the inbox. The event contact is defined in the first step of the event creation process (“Event information“) under “Organizer contact data”. Make sure to include your doo email address here with a placeholder for the event ID in the contact information for the event.

Tip: For new events, your doo email address is pre-populated for the contact details by default. If you do want to insert the email address yourself, be sure to insert the +{ }} placeholder before the “@” sign in the address so that emails can be sorted by event.

3.2 Collecting responses to booking emails in the mailbox

To collect replies to booking emails in the mailbox, the email address of the mailbox must be stored as the reply address. In the doo basic template, the reply address corresponds to the e-mail address from the contact data of the event organizer. If you have entered your doo email address in the contact details for an event, but do not want to collect booking emails in the mailbox, you can enter a different email address as the reply address in the sender information. This also works if you did not enter the mailbox email address in the contact information, but want to receive replies to booking emails. To do this, enter your doo email address with placeholder as the reply address. You can find more information about booking emails here.

3.3 Collect replies to email messages in the mailbox

To collect replies to e-mail messages in the mailbox, your doo e-mail address must be stored as the reply address in the dispatch settings. By default, the email address stored in the organizer’s contact data is used for the reply address. You can find more information about email messages here.

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