Why did I not receive a booking confirmation?

After your booking you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. If activated by the organizer, this email contains a personal link to your doo booking portal, where you can view your booking data again and download documents such as tickets or invoices.

If you did not receive an email after your booking, this is usually because the automatically generated confirmation email was sorted out or blocked by your spam filter, firewall or similar.

Please check:

  • Was the email filtered into your spam folder?
  • Can you currently receive emails with this address? Is your mailbox full?
  • Make sure that e-mails with attachments are not blocked.
  • Are you sure you entered the correct email address when posting? Otherwise, please contact the organizer with your name, e-mail address and, if available, booking number, so that he can find your booking in the system, check it and, if necessary, correct your information and resend you the confirmation.


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