Bank transfer: How to deal with pending transactions

After one of your bookers completed a booking with the doo payment method “Bank transfer”, he first gets his booking confirmation with the attached tickets (so far activated) after we received the payment on our bank account.

1. Pending transactions before the event: attendees are receiving automatically payment reminders from doo 

Should one of your bookers not transfer the booking amount immediately, doo can send him regular automatic payment reminders. The activation and rhythm of the send-out can be defined in the settings of your event.

Our service does not include admonition or debt collection. The highest escalation level is that you cancel the booking if a booker does not pay on time, and thus release the tickets for other bookers. 

2. Shortly before the event: organizer is informed about pending transactions

Two days before the event starts the contact person of the doo organization account will be informed about all pending transactions for this particular event so that he can decide how to deal with them. 

In oder to have a look at the respective bookings in your event manager, select the event in your event overview and click on “Manage bookings”. Here you have the possibility to filter the search results via the “Additional search options” by “Booking status: Active” and “Payment status: Outstanding”. You can then decide on what to do with those bookings:

2.1 Cancel booking and release tickets

If you would like to release the tickets for other bookers you can cancel the outstanding booking via the respective booking detail page. Please make sure you inform the booker about the cancellation so that he won’t transfer the booking amount anymore. Here you can read more information about the cancellation of bookings.

Ideally, you inform your bookers right from the beginning about this procedure, e.g. by mentioning it in your booking conditions.

2.2 Keep waiting for the payment 

If you’re still awaiting payments for the outstanding bookings, you don’t have to take any action yet. Even after the end of the event bookers will still receive regular payment reminders from doo, either until they transfer the amount to our account or until the booking is cancelled by you.

3. At the event: How to deal with outstanding bookings on site

If the booker transferred the booking amount shortly before the start of the event but didn’t receive a booking confirmation or ticket yet, it is usually because banks may need a few working days until payments have been credited to the target bank account. 

A previous send out of tickets without the received payment is not possible, but you can let the booker participate at your event with a proof of payment even without a valid ticket.

It is up to you to decide if you want to let bookers who haven’t paid yet attend without their ticket and thus pay in advance and run the risk of non-payment. If you’re willing to let bookers in, who assure that they have already paid, we recommend you to ask for a payment receipt that shows the right amount, the recipient’s account and the purpose. The booker will receive his payment confirmation from doo as soon as the amount is received in our account.

Here you can find further useful information regarding the check-in and box office for your event. 

4. Shortly after the event: Organizer should consider stopping payment reminders

Even after the end of the event bookers are still receiving weekly payment reminders, either until the payment is received or the booking is cancelled.

If you want to stop payment reminders for bookers who didn’t attend at your event, please cancel the booking via the booking detail page and inform the booker about it so that he won’t pay after all. More information about cancellation of bookings you will find here.

If you still want payment reminders to be send out to bookers you don’t have to take action because the bookers will still be reminded about their outstandig payment every week.

5. Belated incoming payments

Should we still receive payments after the final settlement of your event, we will transfer them to you in the next regular payout. If the booking has already been cancelled, doo will get in touch with the contact person of your doo account, so that he can decide if we should transfer the payment to you or tranfer it back to the booker. If we don’t get feedback from you within two weeks we will automatically send the payment back to the booker.

6. Two months after the event: doo will stop payment reminders shortly

60 days after your event has ended doo will inform the main contact person of your doo organization account about all pending transactions of the event, for which doo still sends out weekly payment reminders. 

Since at this time the bookings are not expected to be paid, we recommend that you cancel the bookings to stop the weekly reminders and finalize the event. Click here for more information on how to cancel bookings.

The affected bookings will be canceled automatically two weeks later and the payment reminders will be discontinued if no payment is received in the meantime. If, contrary to expectations, you will receive payments for the canceled bookings after they were cancelled, we will contact you regarding the forwarding of the amount.

Even if this is not offered as service by doo, you are, of course, free to initiate a dunning process for the outstanding payments outside of doo.

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