You have the possibility to automatically send tickets to your bookers after successful registration. Click here to find out how to activate this function. For each ticket booked, a PDF ticket will then be automatically sent with the booking confirmation to the email address specified at the time of booking, so that attendees can print it out or take it with them to the event on their smartphone.

More information and tips how to organize your admission process please read this article.

In addition to the doo standard ticket design, it is possible to create one or more ticket designs for your events according to your individual requirements. One individual template is already included in many doo packages, but can also be added to your existing package on request.

1. doo standard ticket design

In addition to your logo, the standard ticket contains general information about the event, the ticket category and the address of the event.

If you have asked for the names of your attendees during the booking process – not only for the booker name – the attendee name will be displayed at the bottom of the ticket. Please read this article for more information on how to define attendee and booker questions.

In addition, each ticket contains an individual QR code, which you can scan on the day of the event and use to validate the ticket. For more information regarding the check-in process, please have a look at this article.

2. Individual ticket design

Would you like a ticket in your own corporate design? The agenda, an advertisement or the logos of your partners should be printed on the ticket? Or would you like the tickets to be designed in such a way that they can be used as name tags at your event? We are happy to create a ticket for you according to your ideas. For more information about the requirements of an individual ticket template, please follow this link.


Design example


If you are interested in an individual offer for your own ticket design, please contact your doo contact person or write to