Using different currencies

1. Requirements for using a foreign currency

As an alternative to the stored doo default currency (EUR), you can also set different currency for your event.

Basically, all common currencies such as USD or CHF are available. Please note, however, that the selection of a foreign currency must always be coordinated with the choice of payment provider and the payment methods selected for the event to ensure that the payment transactions can actually be processed in the corresponding currency. Depending on the payment provider chosen, there may also be extra costs, such as conversion. For further information about the payment options at doo please have a look at this article.

If you are planning an event with a foreign currency, please contact your doo counterpart or our Sales Team at in advance. We will then be happy to check the individual options for you.

2. Selecting the currency for your event

If the requirements for the use of a foreign currency for your doo account are given, you can define it in the second step of the event creation (“Tickets”). All information about this step and how to navigate there can be found in this article.

Once you have selected the currency, saved it and published the event, it is no longer possible to change the currency. Only one currency can be selected per event, combinations are not possible.

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