By default, refunds for cancelled bookings are up to you as the organiser, as all payments received are automatically included in the monthly payment process and are therefore forwarded to you. Accordingly, a cancellation in doo does not trigger an automatic refund to the booker. All information about the regular cancellation process can be found here: Cancellation of bookings.

However, upon request and for a processing fee, we at doo can also take care of refunds for cancelled bookings and, upon request, refund the money to those bookers who have already paid, in the same way as they originally paid. If you are interested in this service, please contact your doo contact person or our Support Team for an appropriate offer.

The process then looks like this:

  1. You receive a cancellation request from one of your bookers that you wish to accept.
  2. You cancel a booking in your doo Event Manager. Optionally or according to your booking conditions, you can specify cancellation fees that are to be deducted from the refund to the booker.
  3. The cancellation automatically generates a cancellation invoice, which you can download as a PDF from the booking details page and optionally send to your bookers as a receipt.
  4. Order doo:
    1. Option 1 (for individual cancellations): You send the credit memo to the booker by e-mail (outside doo) as confirmation of his or her cancellation and announce that the refund will be made shortly via your service provider doo. In doing so, you either set directly to CC or alternatively send us the cancellation invoice in a separate e-mail.
    2. Option 2 (in case of many cancellations at once, e.g. cancellation of an event): You send a list of booking numbers (TX-…) for which we should take care of the refunds to If you do not wish to receive a full refund, please specify the amount to be refunded for each booking.
  5. doo will take care of the reversal of the amount according to the credit memo within a few working days using the payment method chosen at the time of booking (for payment method “purchase on account / bank transfer” it can take up to 2-3 weeks until the amount is credited to the booker).
  6. In response to your e-mail, doo will inform you in writing as soon as the payment has been instructed.
  7. The refunded amount will be deducted from the final payment when the final invoice for the respective event is issued and the respective processing fees will be charged.