Creating contacts – How do contacts get into the doo contact center?

Contacts fulfill a variety of functions in doo. But how do the contacts get into the contact center? There are different ways to do this, as we will show you in the following.

1. Contacts from bookings and attendees

With every new booking for your events, your contact center also fills up. This is because in doo, a new contact is automatically created for every new booker and attendee with an email address. This way you build up a database with all your event customers over time and see which contact is active and how.

If a new contact is created by a booking or an attendee, the data entered for the booking is also copied to the contact. This also applies to data from hidden questions like external customer ID, if you pass them in the background. When a person books again, the booking is assigned to the existing contact. Depending on the settings, you can also update the contacts with the current data from the booking.

You can also add a person to your contact center by manually registering for an event. After clicking “Add contact by booking” under “Manage contacts”, select the relevant event and follow the booking process.

Important: If you want your attendees to be assigned to contacts, make sure that you add the email address as a mandatory question on attendee level. An attendee without an email address will not be assigned to a contact.

2. Creating contacts manually

To create a single contact manually, go to your contact center and there under “Manage contacts” click on “Create new contact“.

You can add all contact data in the input mask. If you activate email subscriptions, please make sure that you have the appropriate permission. Without the email subscription event communication you cannot write to the contact via the doo email manager. To manage your contacts, assign them to contact groups.

3. Import contacts

If you want to create a larger amount of contacts or import them from another system to doo, you can use the contact import. You can find detailed instructions here.

4. Sync contact with a third-party software

You manage your customers in a third-party system, such as a CRM, a member management or a marketing software, and want to transfer the contacts from there automatically to doo? This is also possible with the help of an interface via the doo automations. Contact your doo contact person at any time if you would like to more information about your options.

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