Delete ticket categories & change prices and sales periods after go-live

Even after an event went live, you can still adjust the registration / sales period and ticket capacities, edit ticket prices and remove ticket categories.

Such changes need to be made in the settings of the respective ticket category. To do so, please open the event detail page and click on “Edit tickets”.

For general information about how to create and edit ticket categories, please follow this link.

1. “Delete” ticket categories / Edit or end their sales period

If you did not change the default settings, the registration period of your ticket categories starts right after your event goes live and ends one hour before the event starts. In order to change the sales period of a ticket category or to remove it by ending its registration period, please proceed as follows:

  1. Select the respective ticket category and click on the pen symbol to edit it. Choose the start and the end time of the sales / registration period by entering the requested hours and days. In order to remove a ticket category from the registration, just select “at once” for “End prior to event”. If you enter “unlimited” it will be possible to book until the end of the event, even after the event has started, which can be useful for events that last a long time. ticketcategories-edit
  2. If you do not want ticket categories to be visible on your booking page outside the registration period, e.g. because you would like to completely “delete” a category, please click on “More options” and check the box “Hide category outside of the sales period”. If a ticket category is not hidden outside of the sales period it appears greyed out on the booking page with a notification when the sales period starts or that the sales period already ended.
  3. Please click on “Accept”, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Save” to confirm the changes.

2. Adjust ticket category capacities 

In order to edit the number of available ticket categories, please click on the pen symbol of the respective ticket category, adjust the capacity and click on “Accept”. In the case you increased the number of tickets please make sure to also increase the total capacity of your event. You can do so above the category overview. Don’t forget to save the changes afterwards by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking on “Save”.

3. Change ticket prices

3.1. Change general price settings

For documentation reasons all settings associated with ticket prices are blocked for subsequent editing after your event went live. Consequently neither the type of the event (free or fee-based) nor the settings concerning the price display (net or gross) and the VAT information (private event, subject to VAT, exempt from VAT) can be changed anymore. If you would like to change these settings and you haven’t sold tickets yet, you have to cancel the event, copy it via the event detail page and create a new one.

3.2. Change the price of a ticket category

In order to change the price or the VAT rate of already existing ticket categories of an event that is already live, you can create a new ticket category and hide the old one:

  1. Select the ticket category you would like to replace and open the settings by clicking on the pen symbol.
  2. Set the “End prior to event” to “At once” and activate under “More options” the control box “Hide category outside of the sales period”.
  3. Click on “Accept” to end the registration period of this ticket category.
  4. Now you can create a new ticket category with the desired settings by clicking on “+ Create a new ticket category” and saving it by clicking on “Accept”. Please note that the VAT information that you selected when you created the event remains – e.g if you selected “Subject to VAT” you can enter the desired VAT rate. If you need to change the VAT settings of the event in general, you would have to create a completely new event by copying the existing one (see 3.1.).
  5. To save all changes, please click on “Save” at the bottom of the page.

The “old” ticket category will then not be displayed on your registration page anymore. As organizer you can, however, still see it in the edit mode of your event and if you make a manual registration. Furthermore, the ticket category will also still be listed in the booking overview.

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