Creating exclusive registration access for selected contacts

You have different options to provide exclusive access for bookers to register, three different options exist:

1. Access codes

One way to create exclusive access is by using one-time access codes. Access codes can be sent to your contact groups using our email manager, for example, so that when the recipients redeem these codes on the booking page, they unlock the exclusive ticket categories.

You can find out how to create access codes and apply them to specific ticket categories here.

2. Manual approval

The second option available to you is manual approval. If you activate this for your event, the booker will receive an email following their registration confirming receipt of the booking request and informing them that the request will be reviewed in a timely manner. You as the event organizer can view the booking in doo and then decide for each one whether you want to approve it or not.

Since each booking request must be confirmed individually, if you have a large number of bookings, be aware of the time involved and the delays in the booking process for your attendees. Enterprise customers have the option of activating release for individual ticket categories only, so that, for example, only VIP tickets need to be released manually, and there are also freely bookable categories alongside them.

You can find all information on manual approval in this article.

3. Attendee groups

Users with access to enterprise features can make ticket categories exclusive to certain contacts by assigning the ticket category to certain contact groups. The contact group must be created accordingly in doo and then the assignment for the respective ticket category must be noted. This is done in the settings of the category under “Conditions” – you can find detailed instructions in this article.

All categories that you have restricted to one participant group will be hidden from your public booking mask. If you then invite e.g. several contact groups to the event via the doo email manager, only the contacts that are in the deposited participant group will be able to see and book the exclusive ticket categories.

How to create contact groups can be found here.

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