Rebooking: How to change existing bookings

1. General information

Rebookings may be requested if an attendee would like to

  • reassign his ticket to someone else
  • attend at a different date and therefore needs to be registered for a different event
  • change his ticket selection (e.g. one ticket more or less, a different ticket category or an additional products)
  • forgot to enter his promotion code and would like to do that now

Like with cancellations, the decision whether you accept rebooking requests or not is up to you as organizer. doo recommends to include corresponding policies in your booking conditions to be transparent towards your attendees and to provide them with contact details for such requests.

Important: For most bookings applies: It is not possible to subsequently change the event or add further tickets, products or promotion codes to the booking. Such changes are only possible through cancelling the existing booking and making a new booking. Removing selected tickets or products from a larger booking, however, is possible since April 2023 with the new partial cancellation option.

Exception: Only if manual approval was activated for your event and the respective booking has not been approved yet, you still have all possibilities to add further tickets and products or use a code. For more information about this special case please have a look at 2.1. and our article about manual approval.

How to realize rebookings depends on the type and the current status of the respective booking:

2. Rebooking regular (already approved) bookings

2.1. Reassign ticket to another attendee

In order to assign a ticket, which was already created and sent to the booker, to another attendee, you just need to edit the attendee’s name. Please follow this link to learn how to edit attendee data and resent updated tickets to the booker. 

2.2. Rebook attendees to a different event

To assign attendees who already booked to a different event you first need to cancel the existing booking.

If the invoice amount that was paid by the booker is equal to the amount of the new booking, you can rebook the attendee(s) yourself via the manual registration. If you select “Direct payment to organizer” in the last step, the new booking will be automatically marked as “paid”. That way the invoice amount of this new booking and the payment received for the original booking can be offset against each other so that there is no need for refund or renewed payment.

Alternatively, you could create a one-time promotion code in the respective amount for the desired event and send it to him so that he can register himself for free.

2.3. Cancel individual tickets and products

With the partial cancellation feature which is available since April 2023, you can easily cancel selected tickets or products from a larger booking. You can find all information about the cancellation and refunding process in this article.

2.4. Adding additional tickets and products

Adding tickets or products to an existing booking is not possible with doo yet. Such booker requests can therefore only be implemented by completely canceling the existing booking and making a new booking. Depending on the booking and payment status as well as the payment method, you can ask the booker to register again after the cancellation or you can do this yourself via the  manual registration

2.4.1. Free or still unpaid bookings

After the cancellation, you can either ask the participant to re-register himself via your registration page, or you rebook the participant yourself via manual registration.

2.4.2. Fee-based bookings with own payment processing

If a registration was paid via the method “Direct payment to organizer “, meaning that it was not paid via doo or Novalnet, you should register the booker through manual registration after canceling the original booking. Here you can make the desired changes and choose “Direct payment to organizer” as payment method in the last step. If the rebooking requires cancellation or invoice documents, additional payment or refund, please take care of it outside of doo.

2.4.3. Rebook fee-based, paid bookings with same invoice amount

If the invoice amount the booker paid for his original booking is the same as the amount of the new booking, you can rebook the attendee(s) after the cancellation via manual registration and select “Own Payment Processing” in the last step of registration to set the new booking directly to “Paid”. This way you can offset it against the payment you received for the original booking, saving both you and the booker from having to refund and pay again.

Alternatively, you could create a one-time promotion code for the booker and send it to them so they can sign up again without having to pay again.

2.4.4. Rebook fee-based, paid bookings to a higher invoice amount

If a booker has already paid his invoice and subsequently wishes to change his ticket or product selection, resulting in a higher invoice amount, you can either refund his payment after cancelling the existing booking and ask him to re-register themselves via your registration page and go through the payment process again.

Alternatively, you can keep the payment you have already received and send the booker a one-time promotion code for the corresponding amount, so that it will be deducted accordingly when repeating his booking.

3. Special case: Edit bookings that have not yet been approved

If you activated manual approval for the respective booking and it has not been approved yet, it is still possible to change the ticket and product selection or apply a promotion code. For a detailed instruction on how to do that, please read 3. of this article.

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