Providing flyers, event programs or direction sketches

You can provide your bookers with additional materials in various ways such as flyers, general terms and conditions, programs or directions to your event.

1. File download on the event page

On the one hand, you have the option of offering PDF documents for download on your event page. This option is only available if you are using the doo standard event website or an event widget with event information. For further information about widget and the doo event website, please have a look at this article.

You just need to create a “File Download” type event field for this purpose – the document is then prominently placed on the doo event page in the right sidebar and can be downloaded from there. Instructions for creating event field can be found here.

2. Link in the event description

If your document is available online via a public link, for example, because you hosted it on your own website, you can include it as a link in your event description. Also this option exists only if you use the doo standard event website or an event widget with event information, because only there the description is displayed. More information about entering an event description can be found in this article.

3. Email attachments for booker emails

It is also possible to store email attachments that should be sent to your bookers with the automatic doo booking emails. How you can store email attachments for booking emails is explained here.

4. Email attachments for email messages

If you use the doo E-Mail Manager, you can also send your documents with an e-mail message, e.g. as part of an invitation campaign or an update e-mail to your contacts or participants. To do this, the document must be created as an event field in the first step. All information about the E-Mail Manager and the possibility to send attachments can be found here.

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