Tips for virtual events with doo

You have the possibility to create virtual events in doo. In this article you’ll learn which steps you have to perform for this during the event creation and some useful tips and tricks on the topic “Virtual events with doo”.

1. Create a virtual event in doo

In the first step of the event creation “Event information” you can select “Virtual event” in the “Event location” section. Optionally, you can then specify a link through which your bookers can attend the event. That link will then be displayed to your bookers in their booking self-service and can be integrated into your booking confirmation email via placeholder.

General information about the event information can be found here.


Once you have marked the event as virtual, the venue will no longer be displayed in the booking screen.

Important: Please note that an address must still be entered, as the time zone of the event is determined by the address. However, it would also be sufficient to enter “Germany” as the address, for example.

2. Recommended settings for your virtual event

In the following section, you will find some general tips on which settings to pay special attention to for a virtual event.

  • In the third step of the event creation “Tickets”, you can customize both the attendee and booker questions. Since virtual events take place online, you usually need the email address of each attendee – not just the booker. You can read how to customize the attendee questions and make other settings in the third step of creation here.
  • Another tip is to switch off the automatic sending of the PDF tickets as an email attachment when confirming the booking (after payment has been made), since the tickets are not needed at a virtual event, unlike at a “normal” event with check-in. The instructions on how to turn off the automatic sending of PDF tickets to your bookers can be found here.
  • If the check-in status is important for your evaluation, you can check in the registered participants manually, for example, by using the e-mail addresses. To do this, you can click on “Attendees” on the event details page and then check in the respective attendees by clicking on the check-in button. You can see more information about check-in here.
  • If you wish, you can include the access link to your virtual event directly in your booking confirmation. You can find out how to customize the e-mail content of the booker e-mails here.
  • Alternatively, it is also possible to set up an interface to a webinar provider, where the participant data from doo is automatically transferred to the provider and personalized invitation links are sent. If you are interested in an interface to a specific webinar provider, please feel free to contact your doo contact person or
  • Finally, you should check the booking conditions and privacy information by clicking on “Booking conditions, cancellation & booking approval” in the event overview. Here you have the option to adjust the terms and conditions that may differ for virtual events accordingly. You can read help and instructions on these settings here.

3. What types of events can be conducted virtually?

Depending on the scope and content of your event, suitable formats can be found, such as a virtual conference or a webinar. However, entire trade fairs can also be held virtually, whereby the attendee management can be handled via doo as with “normal” events. For individual questions please contact your doo contact person or our Support Team.

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